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Hair Loss

Treatment – PRP

Hair Loss Treatment; It is a method used to stop hair loss, to revitalize weakened, thinned hair, and to increase the quality of the hair.

The p lasma, which is obtained as a result of the separation of white blood cells and thrombocytes by subjecting the person’s own blood to a special process, is injected into the balding or diluted area. Up to 10 cc of blood is taken from the person and goes through a centrifugation process in the laboratory for about 15 minutes. Thrombocytes, the plasma part separated from red blood cells, are injected in small small doses in the form of napaj into the scalp in about 10 minutes.

P lasma obtained in P R P treatment contains dense thrombocytes (clot cells) and leukocytes (white blood cells). Activated platelets and leukocytes secrete growth factors. P R P hair treatment triggers the regeneration and proliferation of stem cells with growth factors.

Thus, a serious regeneration occurs in the tissue. The purpose of P R P hair treatment application; It is to help the hair regain its former health by revitalizing and reviving the weakened and lifeless hair follicles.

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What Purposes is PRP treatment used for?

It is used in the treatment of hair loss. Hair Loss Treatment application on the scalp stops hair loss by stimulating weak, broken, damaged hair and hair follicles whose hair production ability has stopped. It makes the hair look brighter and more vivid.

It is used for treatment of acnes, scars and stretch marks. Platelets working around the stretch marks, scars, acne scars and similar lesions on the skin with a lesion-healing mechanism ensure healing and improve the appearance of scars through the growth factors they secrete.

It is used for dark spots on the skin. The growth factors secreted by the platelets injected into the skin via Hair Loss Treatment keep the functioning of the melanocyte cells which produce melanin to give color to the skin within normal limits and thus treats the skin spots.

As soon as the follicular grafts are ready to use, razor blades or needles of 1 mm in width and 5–6 mm in length are prepared, in order to use while making incisions in the recipient area. While making slits in the recipient site, it is very important to align with the direction of the existing hair in that region so that the hairline can have a natural look.


Used for skin rejuvenation. Over time, collapses, sagging and wrinkles occur due to the loss of some tissues in our skin and the decrease in the collagen substance that gives the skin tightness. Thanks to the growth factors secreted in the area where P R P is applied, improvement is seen. Due to the reconstruction and production of collagen, elasticity increases, skin sagging and wrinkles decrease.