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Essex Boys Medical Group has been running since 2019. We have all of the experienced medical practitioners at hand, providing hair and dental procedures. The hair procedures that we provide are hair loss treatment – prp and hair transplants. The dental procedures we provide are zirconium veneers.

EB Medical was founded in the first place to create beautiful smiles


Hair transplant

Hair Loss Treatment - PRP

Hair Loss Treatment; It is a method used to stop hair loss, to revitalize weakened, thinned hair, and to increase the quality of the hair. 

Hair Transplant

Desiring for a quick and effective solution is totally understandable, but a decision like undergoing a hair restoration surgery should not be made hastily.

Dental Treatment - Veneers

The zirconium is an element available in the nature. It is used in the dentistry applications by means of its aesthetical appearance and soundness (durability). 

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