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Zirconium Crowning


The zirconium is an element available in the nature. It is used in the dentistry applications by means of its aesthetical appearance and soundness (durability). There may be same losses occurring in the teeth in the teeth for the reasons such as skewness, decay, trauma and so on. Zirconium crowning produces solution just at this very point or stage. A planning of relevant application due to be made after the medical examination of a dentist is made there under.

In order to make zirconium coating, first of all, oral preparation steps of our patients are made. The preparation (cutting) of the teeth should be done carefully under local anesthesia. The teeth are reduced to 2 mm from all four sides of the tooth. The fact that the cut teeth that will remain under the zirconium preserve their vitality is also an important factor.

For this reason, it is necessary to leave enough distance to not disturb the nerve tissue of the tooth. In order not to make rough and protruding teeth, the physician should plan well what will happen when they are finished.

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How Are Zirconium Teeth Made?

Following the tooth cutting process, the shape of the tissues and the shape of the teeth should be transferred to the ceramic with a digital or analog measurement method. The secret of beautiful teeth is a good cut and good measurement.


While the veneers to be made can be made entirely of zirconium material, zirconium supported porcelain crowns or bridges with zirconium infrastructure can also be made. As in all matters, the quality of materials and workmanship come to the fore in the dental field. The use of quality materials and a delicate workmanship add value to your smile.

How much are zirconium teeth prices?

Zirconium prices vary according to the brand used. Full zirconia and zirconium supported porcelain crowns and bridges differ. Information about zirconium prices in our medical center is given after a free examination by our specialist dentists.

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