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Otoplasty include surgical techniques that correct cosmetic problems of the ears. Patients may decide to undergo otoplasty if they are unhappy with their ear size, shape, or position of the ears. Otoplasty aims to surgically alter the position, size, and form of the ear to create a more pleasing overall appearance. The surgery creates a customized shape and location for each ear to make sure they both appear even and proportionate to the rest of the face.

Patients may decide to get ear surgery to repair one or more cosmetic problems with the ear.Otoplasty can be performed to decrease the size of ears that are disproportionately large, a condition also known as hypertrophy. The kind of reduction involved to decrease ear size varies widely depending on the dimensions of the ear. For instance, a procedure to reduce the size of the upper third will be significantly different from one that seeks to reduce an overly large lobe, or simple protrusion.

Common deformities that can be corrected by otoplasty include:

  • Constricted ear: The pinna appears unusually small and juts out from the head to an abnormally high degree.
  • Cryptotic ear: Also referred to as a hidden ear, this condition is when the helix is concealed beneath the skin.
  • Macrotic ear: An overly prominent ear that also has overly large pinna.
  • Underdeveloped antihelical fold
  • Microtia: Small ears.
  • Macrotia: Large ears or large pinna.
  • Cauliflower ear: Deformity caused by blunt force or trauma, sometimes accompanied by blood clotting or hematoma. This condition is common in athletes, especially boxers and wrestlers who often sustain injuries to the side of the head.

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Protruding Ears

Ears that protrude from the head to some degree are common. Frequently, overly prominent ears can affect a patient’s self-confidence. Otoplasty can improve the appearance and correct the prominence by “pinning” back the ear.


If one ear is larger, lower, higher, or sticks out more than the other, they can be balanced by surgically altering one or both ears.

Otoplasty Techniques

If the ears appear to be prominent, the ears can be “pinned” back. Typically, eb will behind the ear and will reshape the cartilage so that the ear lies closer to the head – while still leaving space for reading glasses or sunglasses.

For those who have protruding ears, it may be a good idea to undergo ear pinning surgery at a young enough age to avoid unnecessary teasing by one’s peers.


Ear reductions reduce the size of an excessively large ear, also known as macrotia. This can be performed on a specific part of the appendage or several depending on your reshaping preferences.

Otoplasty is often undertaken by teenage or adult candidates, but children can also be considered if they have sufficiently firm cartilage to allow a safe surgery, typically after the age of five. Some children are born with ear deformities, a series of conditions which affects between 20 and 30 percent of newborns, and parents may wish to address this issue as early as possible.

In certain cases, a version of non-surgical otoplasty, or “tissue molding”, can be performed to correct the deformity. This type of molding must be performed in the newborn period to be effective. Otherwise, the problem can be fixed surgically after the age of five.

Older patients that have cosmetic or medical problems with one or both ears should be assessed to ensure they are healthy enough to have surgery. Smoking and certain medications may put you at a higher risk of complication. It is beneficial to have a specific and realistic expectation of what you would like the surgery to achieve before actually undergoing surgery.

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