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Laminate Veneers


Laminated Vener is the first aesthetic treatment method that people who are not satisfied with the color, shape and size of the teeth. Regular maintenance of teeth and gums may not be enough to always have a beautiful smile.

Due to aging, structural changes in the teeth, coloration, and abrasions increase and there are situations where the person avoids laughing or tries to close his mouth while laughing.

Laminated veneers also become the treatment method to be used in such cases.

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How is Laminated Veneer Made?

One of the leading applications of aesthetic dentistry is laminated veneer applications, also known as leaf porcelain. Laminated veneers are an application that requires special design and fine workmanship, produced according to the size taken after a minimal abrasion of 0.3 – 0.5 mm on the front surface of the teeth. ┬áDuring the abrasion of the teeth, the teeth do not shrink in size or deteriorate aesthetically. By giving the most ideal shape to the tooth, this thinning process is performed in order to ensure that the porcelain coating fits well

The thin layer of porcelain produced is as thin as a contact lens. However, when the laminate is professionally adhered, it integrates with the tooth and becomes extremely resistant to breakage and abrasion. The thinness of the porcelain layer increases the light transmittance and provides a natural tooth appearance. Laminated veneers are a suitable treatment option in order to protect the integrity and health of the teeth and to achieve aesthetics and naturalness.

Who is Laminate Vener Porcelain Applied To?

Laminated veneers are used in the treatment of spaces between teeth, crowding, deformities in teeth, and excessive discoloration. The lip shape, thickness and visibility of the incisors of the person to be made laminated veneers are evaluated digitally with photographs taken and the ideal smile is designed by the specialist physician. During the rehearsals, aesthetics are evaluated by the patients and their relatives. If everything is as desired, the teeth are glued with special adhesives.

After Laminated Veneer Operation

Patients do not have to live with abraded teeth. The patient is not sent before temporary teeth are made. This is important in terms of protecting gum health, not feeling sensitivity and comfortable. The life of the laminated veneer process is extremely long, but tooth-gum care is of great importance. The person should regularly brush teeth, use mouthwash and floss. With a well maintained mouth, laminated veneers can last up to 10 years very comfortably. The maintenance made helps to extend the 10-year life even more. Fracture does not occur unless the patients eat hard foods that can break their natural teeth, and have functional habits such as nail biting, pen biting, teeth clenching.

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