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Implant means a kind of artificial root. Implants with all the necessary approvals worldwide are titanium based. Dental deficiencies are completed by applying implants to replace teeth lost due to caries, gum disease, trauma or other reasons.

The implant process is a very simple procedure in the presence of a suitable jawbone. It is placed into the jawbone with a small surgical procedure under local anesthesia, providing sterile conditions. If there is no inflammation at the root tip of the tooth to be extracted; implant can be done immediately after tooth extraction.

. If there is a cystic formation under the lost tooth, it is more appropriate to implant it after waiting at least 2 months for bone healing after the lesion is thoroughly cleaned.  Implants; It provides a strong connection with the bone in a period of 2 months in the lower jaw and 3 months in the upper jaw. Applying in the right positions is very important for the longevity of the prosthesis to be made.

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Who Is Implant Applied To?

It is possible to apply implants to anyone over the age of 18, whose bone development has been completed and who are systemically healthy. In patients with a systemic disease (heart, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.), necessary examinations and tests are performed and the patient’s doctor is contacted. If there are precautions to be taken before implant application, the procedure is performed in accordance with the directions of the medical doctor. Smoking and poor oral care disrupt the healing process and reduce the lifetime of the implant.  For such patients, it is aimed to gain the necessary hygiene and care habits by making our control sessions, which are normally 6 months, more frequent.

Life of Implant Treatment

If you completely fulfill all conditions and have not been exposed to any disease, you can achieve a successful result that you can use your implant treatment for life. However, depending on other factors, the average life span of implant treatment is around twenty to thirty years.

What are the Advantages of Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment is a treatment method that has been applied for more than 30 years. It is very important for preventive dentistry to complete the missing teeth of individuals without touching their main teeth. Completion of missing teeth restores self-confidence. In addition, the fact that food cannot be grinded by the teeth causes major stomach and intestinal problems. Completion of teeth prevents systemic diseases.

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