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Main target of the hair mesotherapy is preventing the hair loss for men and women which is a treatment way of increases the length of hair and density.

Hair mes0t herapy is a treatment method that aims to prevent hair loss in women and men and increases the density and length of hair growth. In addition, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients in the scalp are also regulated by hair mes0t herapy. It is performed by injecting into the scalp as a liquid with the help of an injector containing nutrients.

Thus, cell metabolism and blood circulation are accelerated; infections disappear. It also revitalizes the hair follicles and provides you with long, strong and healthy hair. In the mesotherapy process, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other components that will strengthen the tissue are injected 2-3 mm below the scalp using fine needles.

It is mostly applied 6 months after the hair transplant procedure. Hair loss is also prevented by caring for and strengthening the newly grown hair strands. There are no side effects or allergic reactions caused by the treatment.

Painless hair transplantation period has begun.

The Benefit of Hair Mes0therapy

  • Prevents the hair loss, increases the density and length.
  • Regulates the proteins, vitamins and other nutritions on the scalp.
  • Faster blood circulation on the scalp
  • Accelerates the metabolism of the cell on the scalp.
  • Prevents of having infection on the scalp.
  • Playing an active role on curing the hormonal balance on the scalp.
  • Deactivating the DHT hormone which makes the new hair grow faster.
  • It can be used to prevent the massive dandruff by the decision of a dermatologist.

Who is inapplicable of having Hair Mes0therapy?

  • The one who has skin disease and burn skin
  • DThe one who has diabetic
  • People with hemophilia
  • Pregnant women are not able to have it.

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Copyright 2018 by EBMedical. All rights reserved.