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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Operations

How should be a good plantation?
Especially, if the roots of the channels where the hair follicles are placed are opened in the direction of the exit direction and the exit angle of the previous hair of the person, the planted hair appear the same as the previous hair. Also, the anterior hairline is projected indented, and when single roots are used along the anterior 1-2 rows, the result will be extremely close to nature. In addition, the roots should be collected with the finest micromotor tips possible.
What should I pay attention to before hair transplantation?

Persons who will have hair transplantation with FUE technique should know that their hair will be shortened by 0.3 mm and they should get permission from their work or social environments.

3 days before hair transplantation should not be taken alcohol and 7-10 days before, should not aspirin and similar drugs that dilute the blood. It is recommended that you come to the hair transplantation process by wearing front buttoned clothes. In addition to, it is recommended that you wear shirts, vests and jackets or it is recommended to wear wide-necked garments that are easy to wear.

The procedure is completed in the same day in one session.

Will I use medicament after hair transplantation?

In order to prevent infection after hair transplantation, we recommend using antibiotic tablets (5 days) and swelling reducing tablets (3 days). After the treatment, ıf you take the painkiller tablet only once or twice is enough.

What should I pay attention to after hair transplantation?

Your doctor will tell you in detail what you should pay attention to after the operation. It will be included in your file in written form.

How should I take nourishment after hair transplantation?

We recommend that you continue your normal nourishment.

How long should I protect my head after hair transplantation?

The first week is very important. You should protect the planting area from impacts. Because newly transplanted hair roots are very sensitive.

When can I exercise after hair transplantation?

After a week you can do non-heavy sports (walking, light jogging, etc.) After 3 weeks you can lift weight, you can play football (with the condition of not throwing the ball head)

When can I shave after hair transplantation?

Your donor area can be shaved 3 weeks after the procedure to correct the difference between the donor area and the transplanted area in hair length, one month after planting, your hair can be shaved with scissors. Scratching is not recommended for six months.

When do my hair begin to grow?

It starts to grow 1.5 months after sowing, but not all of the sown hair grows at the same time. After three to four months, your new hair begins to appear markedly. It takes 6-7 months for all of them to come out.

When can I have hair transplantation at the earliest after hair transplantation?

At the earliest 6 – 7 months after the second planting can be done. We still recommend that our patients wait 1 year. Because it takes its latest form at the earliest in a year and especially the hair in the top region to grow efficiently takes a year. In addition, the donor has fully recovered in a year.

How many times can I have hair transplantation?

If you have hair in the donor area, you can have as many hair transplantations as you want. A single session is sufficient for people who do not have much openness. Depending on the condition of the opening, the second or third session can be tightened. The most important criterion here is that you have enough hair in the donor area.

Is it harmful to have too many sessions of hair transplantation?

If there is no problem in your meeting with your doctor in the region where the hair follicles will be taken, the person can have as many hair transplantations as he wants.

How long can I grow my planted hair?

Your planted hair is your own natural hair. You can continue the same way you care for your previous hair and extend it as much as you want.

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