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Bot0x (B0tulinum t0xin) is a kind of toxin obtained from the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Bot0x, in other words this benign toxin, has an effect mechanism that prevents release of the substances providing the conduction in nevre endings, and stops the conduction between the nerves and the target organ. The interruption of nevre conduction as a result of Bot0x provides failure to comply with the given order, reducing or completely removing of funtions of the organ that nevre reached. Bot0x, which can also be produced in laboratory environment, has been used in different treatment and diseases in medicine for many years, and become quite popular in class of the aesthetic and cosmetic purpose applications in our day.

It is benefited from the effect mechanism of Bot0x in many fields in medicine. And in the field of plastic surgeryand cosmetic, it is used to reduce sweating in excessive sweating regions, and reduce the lines, mimic wrinkles on the face that are generally formed by the movements of mimic muscles.

Statistical data came from USA in recent years have shown that b0tox (bt-x) application is the most performed medical aesthetic treatment, and also that has showed the highest increase in applying. There are same directed data also in our country. Even if still some people did not hear its name at all, this situation decreases very quickly.

Give Yourself a Chance.

Working for years of the mimic muscles, genetic factors, and habits make the folds covering muscles clearer, and thus dynamic linings in other words wrinkles on the face emerge. The most common dynamic lines are seen on forehead, between brows, eye corners (crow’s feet) and around the mouth. Lines on forehead, on lip and eye corners give an older appearance, and lines between brows give a beetle-browed, glare expression to the person. By performing Bot0x application in these dynamic muscles on the face, the activity of mimic muscles is reduced; blockage of neuromuscular conduction and decreased muscle power and mobility by making Bot0x also reduce the skin covering muscles to be fold with dynamic movements, and also decrese line-wrinkles formed by this. Thus, an abvious improvement is also provided in face shape that may look tired and angry.

Doctors who engage in cosmetics say that the age wrinkles are formed by skin recession as a result of contraction of muscles under the skin. At the end of relaxation of these muscles after b0tox, the wrinkles decrease or completely disappear.

The wrinkles that give the best response to the b0tox treatment are the forehead lines, eye contour wrinkles, on lip smoker lines, and the wrinkles between brows. Moreover, Bot0x can be used in the treatment of laugh lines, neck and chin wrinkles, in corner lip lift, and in cases called platysmal band in neck. Sometimes, we can combine b0tox applications with the dermal fillers.

Bot0x For Forehead: Forehead region is one of the areas most showing the wrinkles and mimics on the face. The horizontal lines here can be corrected by Bot0x application for forehead. While performing Bot0x application for the forehead region, state of brows and eyelids is taken into consideration. Sometimes, it should be combined with the b0tox brow lift. The Bot0x for forehead is frequently applied with the b0tox between brows.

Bot0x Between Brows: The area between brows; they are mimic lines showing the person quite tough and older, which are also named as frown lines. These wrinkles can be corrected by Bot0x between brows. Sometimes, lines between the brows may be quite deep; in this case filling and Bot0x application can be performed together.

Around Eyes Bot0x: It is also known as crow’s feet Bot0x. The wrinkles that occur around the eyes especially when we laugh can be corrected by the around eyes Bot0x. Eye bags, under eyes and eye holes are not corrected with this application.

Bot0x For Lips: It is a Bot0x application affecting the smoking lines on the upper lip. Bot0x for lips does not bring volume in the lip, swell the lip. It just corrects the wrinkles. The b0tox application for lips differs from the other b0tox applications.

Bot0x For Chin: In the wrinkles of the tip of chin, Bot0x for chin is applied. At the same time, by blocking the muscles pulling the lower lip corners down, the lip corners can also be lifted.

Bot0x For Neck: 2 vertical muscle groups in the neck can be corrected by b0tox for neck. Relaxation of these muscles removes especially the vertical “turkey neck” appearance. The amoun of Bot0x injected in neck area is more compared to other areas. This application des not help tightening of the neck, removal of fats or correction of sagging.

Bot0x For Nose: What to understand when the subject is the non-surgical rhinoplasty is lifting the nasal tip by Bot0x and camouflage of the nasal hump by using filler. By Bot0x for nasal tip, the tip descending especially while laughing becomes corrected. Apart from this, the mimic lines on upper part of the nose can be corrected by performing Bot0x application in the nose.

Bot0x For Gummy Smile – Bot0x For Excessive Gingival Display: Especially in the patients with upper jaw problem, the gingivae can seem excessively when they laugh. This problem can be camouflaged by the Bot0x for excessive gingival display.

Bot0x For Migraine: : The migraine headaches that are especially derived from the front part of head can be corrected by Bot0x for migraine injected in this region. As the Bot0x relaxed the muscles, the compressed nerves relax, and the patient does not feel migraine headaches within 6-month period.

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