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Essex Boys Medical Group has been running since 2019. We have all experienced medical practitioners at hand, ranging from many procedures, please go to our website to look at the procedures available. As a professionally run company, we book your flights, transfers, hotel accommodation and any medical procedure you need.

Whilst here, we will show you the real Turkey, such as: shopping, hamam, restaurants- the Turkish culture. We are here to make your experience as pleasurable as can be. Your host speaks fluent Turkish and English. Any information you need, please contact Essex Boys Medical Group.

General Dentistry
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Teeth Protection
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Making someone else the behavior you do not want done to yourself !! ” Motto of our instution to adopt as one of the principles of our patients to respect all rights, not to just treat, the individual pays attention also to inform to protect the oral and dental health.

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EB Medical was founded in the first place to create absolutely beautiful smiles.

Our purpose that we try to create guest-friend communication instead of patient-dentist communication, in doing so, we conduct the best quality and the most affordable options for the oral and dental health services.

At the oral and dental health sevices our center increase the standards to the highest level with using modern and advanced technology besides this we respect “ all values “ of the patients. We are one of the pioneer institution of our region and the country.

The Dental


Click the “Get an Offer NOW” contact form on the page and tell us what treatment you would like to receive. Send some photos, dental x-rays at. We will be contacting you with a treatment plan.

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Copyright 2018 by EBMedical. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2018 by EBMedical. All rights reserved.